Meet Karissa

Becoming a mother myself​, in 2016 to Olive,  was a catalyst into self discovery for me.   Pregnancy and birth brought me even closer to my intuitive nature.  In my postpartum I began tuning in to inner callings and intuitive guidance.  Soon after my daughter turned 1 I was trained by Oakland Midwife, Sumayyah Franklin, Founder & CEO of Sumi's Touch as a full spectrum doula.    Her training was incredibly pivotal to practicing my own healing and forming the foundations as a doula.  Her training focused on the experience of POC (people of color), reproductive justice, traditional indigenous practices and self-care to show up as your best self.   It was from that experience in February 2018  that my spiritual practice grew, developed and paved the way for attuning me to my capacity to support people in birth.

Photography as always been a love of mine.  My very first paycheck  from my first job as a teenager (Life guard for the city of Santa Ana) was entirely spent on my first (own) digital camera.  This love stemmed from my mom who always had a camera on her.  She was always taking photos of my brother and I, eventually we grew annoyed by it.  Now I only have gratitude for all of the photos I have of my childhood and I often take time to look through boxes of old photos.

Photography for me is a way to document life's fleeting moments.  My memory constantly fades, taking photos is my way of preserving moments I don't want to forget.  I consider my photography a way to tell a families history.  For the families I photograph, I imagine generations from now, their family members looking upon the photos and telling stories and  being thankful they have photos that keep their family history alive.

Olive la vida

The name Olive la Vida came to me suddenly and very organically.  In 2017 in the early months of my postpartum I wanted to start a blog where I could share this magical transition I was experiencing.  I needed a name... using my daughter's name came to mind because Olive sounds like all of or I love.   I also loved the idea of using English and Spanish in the name because that is uniquely the experience I live, between my Mexican-American-Millenial-Latinx life.  


A play on my daughter's name, Olive, the name of my business— Olive la Vida, speaks to my intention to live and support "all of the life".  Or, as interpreted by a friend when I shared the name "I love the life", both are equally fitting.   It was only a few months after starting a "blog" that it became a business.  

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